The Gogny effective interaction reads  
  In this expression, the first line represents the central finite range part (μj) of the force, the second line represents the density dependent term and the third line the spin-orbit term having a zero range. Finally, the last line describes the Coulomb interaction between protons (τiz=1/2 for protons and τiz=-1/2 for neutrons).  
  Because of the finite range of the Gogny force, the parameters of the interaction can be adjusted to reproduce not only global properties of nuclei coming out of the mean field theory, but also the intensity of the pairing correlations existing between the nucleons.  
  The parameters of the D1S interaction are  
j μj(fm) Wj(MeV) Bj(MeV) Hj(MeV) Mj(MeV)
1 0.7 -1720.30 1300.00 -1813.53 1397.60
2 1.2 103.639 -163.483 162.812 -223.933
  for the central part, and  
t3(MeV.fm3) x0 α WLS(MeV)
1390.60 1.0 1/3 -130.00
  for the density-dependent and spin-orbit terms.  
  More details can be found in the following papers :  
  • J.F. Berger, M. Girod and D.Gogny, Comp. Phys. Comm., 63 (1991) 365.  
  • J.Dechargé and D.Gogny, Phys. Rev. C 21., (1980) 1568.  
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